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Queens heating up even further

By: Luke Elliott
October 10, 2016
Categories: New York City, Queens

With brisk leasing and sales of industrial sites, Queens has been thriving as well as growing as a strong office leasing market for the NYC area. LIC has strong  industrial buildings for sale as well. Lot’s of retailers are taking good looks at space in Astoria, Forest Hills, Queens Blvd, Maspeth, Jackson Heights to name a few. Very recently, big names like Target and Shake Shack have taken large blocks of space, in addition to what they’ve had prior.

brooklyn growing in all directions

By: Harry Safter
May 5, 2014
Categories: New York City, Brooklyn

JBA Inc. is deliriously excited about the opportunity that Brooklyn presents for retailers in all channels, restaurateurs, apparel, specialty food, bars, home goods etc… Having grown up and spent much of my life in the most populous of the five boroughs that make up NYC, I will begin and continue to write and post about the expansive growth, vibrant diversity and complete global community that Brooklyn has evolved into.

My family and I moved to Ditmas Park in 2004, purchasing an American four square home with a backyard, front yard, and a garage. It needed work as did the neighborhood. Ten years later our house looks much improved as does the retail landscape of the neighborhood.

As the Cortelyou Road commercial strip has been revitalized, primarily around food. Ditmas has also welcomed in Brooklyn Industries, Domino’s and Dunkin’ Donuts. The highlight though is the diversity of food the offerings , the Purple Yam offers, Korean, Mimi’s Hummus offers her world famous styles of hummus with meat, chick peas and meat, Lea’s an amazing array of thin crusted pizza, and the ever fabulous comfort food of The Picket Fence round out the highlights of restaurant scene. Church Ave is also coming of age with three new eateries and a great organic bakery.

The bar scene is alive featuring live music at Bar Chord, the ever popular Flower shop/bar called Sycamore and a new Soccer bar at the corner of Cortelyou and CIA, that has been packed with world cup fans this past week and I am sure for the weeks to come. Connecticut Muffin and Qtar dominate the coffee and whatever you like with it business.

We have two organic grocers, and one broad selection supermarket on Cortelyou, two pharmacies and other assorted shops.

That said there is opportunity to establish your business and grow it in Ditmas Park and the surrounding area, Newkirk Ave, Church Ave. CIA all have space for creative restaurateurs and retailers who will flourish in the years ahead.

For further discussion feel free to post or contact us, I have included below a detailed look at the history and geographic boundaries of Ditmas Park.