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JBA specializes in individualized consultation with landlords to formulate leasing programs that will increase asset value, amplify cash flow, and minimize carrying and transaction costs.

From up-to-the-minute property and location analysis, market analysis, build-to-suit planning, marketing and leasing strategy, marketing programs, and leasing negotiations, our brokers will put their experience and savvy to work on your behalf, making sure that timing, positioning, and prospects are evaluated with thoroughness and accuracy to support ownership strategy.

As a well-reputed firm with a 22-year track record of successes in New York’s exceptionally competitive real estate market, we are well-positioned to connect office and industrial landlords in the NYC market with the best possible tenants to lease your available space. Whether you have a large portfolio or a single property, JBA leasing professionals will put their industry connections to work for you.

Additionally, we can be of service to you with any of the following:

Individual Targeted Marketing

We can deliver a custom-designed marketing and leasing program to promote your property’s strengths and benefits to tenants and the brokerage community.
We will provide precise, in-depth market data to ensure that your leasing and marketing strategies will be well informed and in tune with current local market conditions. We can also provide detailed profiles of tenants in the market, including impending lease expirations and corporations considering expansion.

Increasing Your Property Value and Occupancy Levels

As a property owner, you are aware that time really is money; a commercial space that is sitting empty is costing its owner money.   We are committed to bending every effort to rapidly leasing your available space to creditworthy tenants, at competitive rents, through effective positioning and aggressive negotiation.
We will painstakingly evaluate tenant offers and counteroffers to ensure they meet your financial goals and design tenant terms that result in favorable transactions.

Analyze and Manage Lease Rollover

JBA brokers can assist you in staggering your lease expirations to ensure that leases don’t roll at the same time, thus creating a more stable cash flow and reducing downtime.